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[K12OSN] pam_mount cifs home folders

Hi.  My server is an SME 7.3 samba server.  I have set up authentication of Fedora 8 workstations against this server and it works well.  With Fedora 7 I was able to use pam_mount to mount the user's windows home \\server\username to /home/SCHOOL/username and everything worked well.  We had roaming profiles on Fedora workstations.

With Fedora 8, however, I have run into errors performing this mount.  It works if I mount to /home/SCHOOL/username/mountpoint but if I attempt to mount directly to /home/username there are file permissions that prevent logging in.  I've read that this has something to do with the differences between cifs and the permissions gnome needs to set up all the dot files it requires.

Does anyone have this working?

The funny thing is, when I couldn't get Fedora 8 mounting properly, I went back to Fedora 7, followed all my notes exactly (http://wiki.contribs.org/fedora7), but it wouldn't work either.  It USED to, so I'm really confused.



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