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Re: Rép. : Re: [K12OSN] Disk image

Correct, it's sata. Anyway I tried renaming the hda references in the image files to sda and it very nearly worked. Clonezilla freezes up at almost 100% completion.

I may well end up doing a fresh install, but want to give the image transfer approach a shot just to satisfy my curiosity.

Found this: http://clonezilla-sysresccd.hellug.gr/reloc-img.html#reloc-img-restore-disk

... but it's not working as advertised, yet.

I believe that sda would be a SATA drive and not a SCSI drive.

>>> Les Mikesell les futuresource com> 2008-02-14 15:12:50 >> <mailto:les futuresource com%3E%202008-02-14%2015:12:50%20%3E%3E>
... Problem is the image was created as /dev/hda and the new
> server is /dev/sda. Clonezilla doesn't provide an obvious way of
> changing the device name in the interface.
> Any ideas on how to tackle this?

I think if you look in the directory where clonezilla stored the image
you'll find a file with the device name in an obvious form - or you can
hand-create the partitions and tell clonezilla to restore partitions
instead of the disk.  However, the bigger problem is that to boot from a
scsi disk you need the appropriate driver module included in your initrd
image.  There are ways to do this, but it might be easier to do a clean
install and copy the content you need to keep over.

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