[K12OSN] Network unreachable.

Accessys@smart.net accessys at smart.net
Fri Feb 15 03:17:40 UTC 2008

On Thu, 14 Feb 2008, Les Mikesell wrote:

> Accessys at smart.net wrote:
> > I didn't change anything since It was last working
> >
> > I can ping the router
> >
> > other than that I wish I knew what you just said????
> SIOCADDRT means that when you tried to add a route, you didn't have
> access to the gateway.  That could mean the interface wasn't up, the
> address was wrong or the netmask was wrong.

thanks, I didn't know that but.

> I'd try:
> ifdown eth0
> ifup eth0
> to make it go through the motions again.  If it is still the same try:
> traceroute -n  some_internet_address
> and see how far your packets go.

I have done all of the above.  BTW. I unplugged one of the cards,
rebooted and restarted the router and it works.  ??? but I don't know

> You can use "ifconfig" to see your configuration, "route" to see your
> routes (but they won't include the one that failed).  Something must be

ah, I did that but I didn't realize the one that was failing wouldn't
show up.

> wrong with the combination of your address, netmask and gateway setting.

I've tried ever combination

> > I get so frustrated people either talk over my head or down to me
> >
> > why isn't there any place for someone who isn't a geek but does know a
> > fair amount about these machines.
> There's a lot learn and most people only bother when they are forced to.

unfortunately your right.

> > I've complained about this for
> > years, only two manuals are written.
> > 1 for dummies books
> > 2 uber geek.
> The way to learn from something other than bad experience is to break
> things on purpose, then put them back together at a convenient time.

I don't have a spare system to break all the time, maybe I ought to
find one.

> > is it any wonder people put up with 2 hours on hold to be told it is
> > someeone else's fault.
> >
> > I'll get off my soapbox but it is probably the main reason Linux
> > doesn't spread.
> Everything breaks and this isn't more complicated than any other
> networking device.

I'm new to networking, not computers, I've been on the internet since
the early 70's when it didn't even have a name, and the computer I was
using was a Univac 1108.   so I've had more than my share of
frustrations.  Networking is new, not Linux, not the internet.

thanks for the help, really


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