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Re: [K12OSN] bin files change on reboot

Ryan Collins wrote:

You need to reformat and re-install, it's the only way to be sure.

If has been hacked, it's probably doing all sorts of nasty suff on the Internet.


I think it's already somewhat irresponsible to put a machine online that runs an EOL'd OS, but if you *know* it's been hacked then you really need to reinstall this one. I can recommend K12LTSP 5EL.

Nils Breunese.

On 2/17/08, Barry Cisna <brcisna eazylivin net> wrote:
Hello List,

This is kind of a weird scenario. On an FC5 K12ltsp server I set up at some peoples house over a year ago. I know this server has been hacked into some time back as I can see by the rkhunter logs for some time. I view it from time to time remotely via Webmin. What happens on this server is each time it gets rebooted ( which is not very often) other than over
this weekend due to ice storm/power outage here), there are a few bin
files that end up being the wrong date/and the wrong file sizes. Most
everything still works OK other than lots of behind the scenes things, such as if I simply do a 'uname -a ' I get segmentation fault and if i try to use the zip program i get errors. I took and copyed from a good FC5 server the bin files and placed onto this particular server,so when this happens I explained to them how to copy paste the good bin/files into the /bin folder each time they end up having to reboot this server. Once the correct bin files are copyed into the bin folder then there are no more segmentation faults and the zip program functions correctly,etc.I still have not figured out "were" these files come from each time this server is rebooted? This server runs rock solid and they really don't need to update
to anything newer as they just use it to web browse and email thing.
BTW; i did delete a couple diretories that had been added with some sort
of system scanner files to ftp out to a remote server some time back
,thinking this may have been the resolve for this. No Joy:(.
Anyone have any ideas were to look?


Barry Cisna

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