[K12OSN] OT: what do you use to schedule you schools bells

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> I need to find something "free" or very low cost to run the bells at our 
> 28 student private school. I think I have found a relay switch that I 
> can control with usb and wire into the bell circuit along with the the 
> push button.
> But I need some software that the teachers can use to schedule.   I can 
> setup the default - but some times things get changed around for a few 
> days and I don't want to have to be there for every change.


I looked at the same thing a few years ago and ended up buying a 
dedicated clock unit that was designed to trigger bells. It seemed a lot 
simpler than something I put together that involved running a computer.

Here is one example of several that American Time and Signal sells: 
And here another from Lathem Time: http://www.lathem.com/sona.shtml

When I did this, I was able to find a unit on ebay for a reasonable price.

Good Luck!

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