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Re: [K12OSN] OT: what do you use to schedule you schools bells

We are planning to use webmin to set up cron jobs to play a song at certain times of the day with speakers pointing out to the playground. The idea is if the song finishes and you are not in class then you are late.

I am not sure how easy it will be for teachers to change. It wouldn't be good to let them have access to everything that webmin does. I wonder if there is a way to limit access by user to only the function you want.

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> I need to find something "free" or very low cost to run the bells at our
> 28 student private school. I think I have found a relay switch that I
> can control with usb and wire into the bell circuit along with the the
> push button.
> But I need some software that the teachers can use to schedule.   I can
> setup the default - but some times things get changed around for a few
> days and I don't want to have to be there for every change.


I looked at the same thing a few years ago and ended up buying a
dedicated clock unit that was designed to trigger bells. It seemed a lot
simpler than something I put together that involved running a computer.

Here is one example of several that American Time and Signal sells:
And here another from Lathem Time:

When I did this, I was able to find a unit on ebay for a reasonable price.

Good Luck!

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