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Ryan Collins mr.rcollins at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 17:17:16 UTC 2008

Use the Firefox Client Customization Kit and make an extension with
all your required settings. Install this extension as a global
extension (IIRC, firefox -install-global-extension cck.xpi).

On 1/25/08, Mel Wade <mel at melwade.com> wrote:
> I know we have batted this topic around before, but I'm really needing to
> find an final solution.
> In my lab it is really important that we lock the Firefox home page so that
> we can supply links to the services of our library for our students. So far
> my understanding is that I can create a skel file that would set the
> beginning preference for users but then they can change them after that.
> Would a cron task correct any user change?
> Is there any way we can create a lockable file that all users point to for
> this information?
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