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Re: [K12OSN] gconf question

Not an exact answer to a gconf question, but perhaps another path.

There may be an easier (long-term) way to deal with this.  How about upgrading all the K12LTSP servers to 5.0EL?  They'd all then have the same version of Firefox (v1.5) and, more importantly, would get security updates for years (FC6 is EOL).  CentOS/RHEL 5 is based on FC6 anyway, so it should be a pretty straightforward migration.

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Peter Hartmann wrote:
I have a Desktop k12ltsp fc6 install set up  with a Smartboard and I'm
setting it up to authenticate with ldap and mount the homes over nfs.
  I'm thinking that the users who log in to the desktop may get their
firefox profiles messed up going back and forth between version 2 and
1.5.     I've used the ldap/nfs thing before with desktop installs and
the users profiles never really got harmed per se but it bothered me
that i took forever for the profile to converted before the program
launched.    But those those Firefox versions weren't so far apart

Sooo.....  Firefox doesn't seem to want to let you specify a profile
folder.  I'm using a script that exports HOME=/home/$USER/.firefox-new
 then calls firefox. I may end up grabbing the users current bookmarks
from a single *.default profile, but I just want to keep it simple
first.  I have alias in /etc/bashrc to call the script.  And I have it
set with gnome-default-applications-properties.  After years of using
Icewm on ltsp I don't know my way around the gconf-editor.  I've
changed the broswer value to my script and set the key as mandatory.
But it doesn't seem to affect users.  Is it only called upon for new
users?  With Sabayon, I'm not sure if forcing an entire FC6 desktop
scheme on a ton of Centos 4.1 users is a good idea just to nail down
one or two little customizations.  Even if they never use Gnome again
on the terminal server.    Is there a way with gconf-editor?



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