[K12OSN] Terminal Sound Problems

James P. Kinney III jkinney at localnetsolutions.com
Thu Jan 3 21:51:48 UTC 2008

You are _so_ close!

That error means the individual applications are still trying to talk to
a local device (local to the server). Things like mplayer need to be
told to use ESD. Edit files in /etc/mplayre/mplayer.conf
and /etc/mplayerplugin.conf and set the ao device to esd for both. (ao
is "audio output").

Somewhere in gconf is a setting to make the default audio device esd. If
that is done for a default user then copied to /etc/skel, all new users
get it. Old users can get it updated with some script-fu magic (although
gconf stuff is pretty ugly in places).

On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 13:37 -0800, John Montoya wrote:
> Barry-
> >>>> 1. System,>Preferences,>More Preferences,>Multimedia Systems
> Selector,> Click on Output,> Click your drop down arrow and make sure
> ESD-Enlightenment**
> ***  Done, was not selected - but this didn't change anything.
> >>>>> 2. in a terminal do ' yum install xmms ' - Once installed open
> xmms  - Click drop down arrow,>Options,>Preferences,> Select esd for
> "Output plugin,>>
> ** I installed without incident - but I do not have "esd" plug in
> option listed. - only ALSA, Disk Writer, and OSS Driver. So I can not
> proceed with the xmms tests you suggested.
> >>>>> 3. http://wiki.ltsp.org/twiki/bin/view/Ltsp/Sound#ESD_can_t_play_sound
> ** I did go to the link you suggested and made the changes to the
> rc.sound file - and that worked ! So now I have system sounds (like
> startup, and window clicks, etc). But I can not get any sounds from
> the games / programs. I also can not get anything from web pages
> either.
> When I try to start a program - for instance - blinKen - I get... a
> message dialog box from artsmessage -
> "Error while initializing the sound driver: device/dev/dsp can't be
> opened (No such file or directory)
> So apparently I'm much closer now... but still something is amiss-
> thanks for your help so far,
> john-
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