[K12OSN] Drive Filling Up

Tim Born k12osn at deltacfax.com
Mon Jan 7 22:45:26 UTC 2008

Kemp, Levi wrote:

>This is hopefully a really easy question. When I installed K12LTSP6 I left everything default, including the LVM. After learning how to resize LV's so that I can have space for another drive(I wanted to test Edubuntu, and K12LTSP 5EL) I find that on my 140GB drive(5 36GB SAS RAID) I only have 24GB left. I'm only using the server for terminals so *what can I do to hunt down the source of all this used space?* Home directories are on a different server, even though local ones are being made for local settings. Over 500 different people have logged into the Server, could that be a problem? Thanks for the help.
Here's a receipe I use to find disk hogs.  Apply repeatedly from the top 
("/") down.  At each level it will show the largest disk usage.  You 
should quickly be able to tell where your disk space has gone.

du -s /* | sort -nr | head


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