[K12OSN] Drive Filling Up

Kemp, Levi lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
Wed Jan 9 16:53:49 UTC 2008

I appreciate everyone's help on this issue. I've got it down to about 25MB per user now. Better, and I can work with that. Things that seem to be working are, having the gallery and templates for open/staroffice in one place. And reducing the cache size in Firefox. Which does work by changing the settings and transfering the .Mozilla folder to users and /etc/skel/. The other thing I'm trying is changing the location of the cache to a single folder for all users, to see if I can get Firefox to "share" the cache for all users. I have absolutly know idea if that will work that way or not, but it will help me to clear it weekly if need be. Does anyone have any insite on that idea? Would it be possible, considering students use the same sites so often, have the images downloaded once then shared across the clients would seem to save on bandwidth, but again I'm no expert in LTSP.

Side note, teachers and students seem to like StarOffice better, I still can't tell a difference except for the save/open window but that just me.

Levi Kemp
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>  Kemp, Levi wrote:
>  This is hopefully a really easy question. When I installed K12LTSP6 I left
> everything default, including the LVM. After learning how to resize LV's so
> that I can have space for another drive(I wanted to test Edubuntu, and
> K12LTSP 5EL) I find that on my 140GB drive(5 36GB SAS RAID) I only have 24GB
> left. I'm only using the server for terminals so what can I do to hunt down
> the source of all this used space? Home directories are on a different
> server, even though local ones are being made for local settings. Over 500
> different people have logged into the Server, could that be a problem?
> Thanks for the help.
>  Here's a receipe I use to find disk hogs.  Apply repeatedly from the top
> ("/") down.  At each level it will show the largest disk usage.  You should
> quickly be able to tell where your disk space has gone.
>  du -s /* | sort -nr | head

Other than home, the only thing that should grow on a system is /var
and /tmp.  /tmp is unlikely the culprit look at /var/cache for yum or
apt repositories from all those updates and if you use backup software
like amanda and have an occasional failure look under /var/tmp...


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