[K12OSN] OT: Reverse proxy for internal websites

David Hopkins dahopkins429 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 04:58:27 UTC 2008

> > and apache matches up the mysite1.domain.org which is what the browser
> > uses to determine which block to use. Internal testing of the 6 sites
> > being hosted show that it seems to work. e.g. a address of
> > http://mysite2.domain.org returns mysite2 and not mysite1 though both
> > are wrapped in their own <VirtualHost *:80></VirtualHost> blocks.
> Yes, the name based would work like that I believe.  It is always nice
> to have multiple IPs but if you don't, that should work.
> Also see:  http://3cx.org/item/46

That is one of the sets of instructions I located, but it doesn't work
:(  I also included the rewrite rules for issue with spaces, and other
versions of it because of bugs.  The closest I got was if I also set
the default port 80 to also do a redirect to https, but then
authentication never seemed to succeed.  See the last post on that
page about authentication. That is where I got before it just broke
completely. Now, all I get is a 'page not found' error.  I am going to
put this on a back burner and get a second external IP address for the
moment.  Then, IF I can sort it out later, I'll post back the

Thanks for the suggestions, at least I know I was 'on the right track' :)

Dave Hopkins

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