[K12OSN] Ongoing printing problems k12ltsp V8

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Wed Jan 16 02:00:45 UTC 2008


Go into the Jetadmin panel,of the hp2200, See what the *gateway* is set
to. This has bit me before when moving around printers to different rooms
and reassigning ip addresses for various reasons. We had a brand new
hp4700 about a year ago that the firmware that came on had a bug in it and
the ip numbers  what you entered in the Jetadmin, were transposed. Talk
about a head scratcher...:) You oughta telnet to the printer at it's ip
and see what settings are set in it. This always gives me a clearer view
of settings rather than standing at the printer menuing through all the
buttons. Also a good, Tool to cut down on leg work even if you just have a
couple hp Jetadmin is download the WebJet Admin,from hp's site then you
can pop on new firmware and manage easier. You would think it would never
work with invalid gateway entered but they will do exactly what you are
describing. But it very well could be a config,hicup in cups also.

Take care,

Barry Cisna

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