[K12OSN] Is someone spamming this list?

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Sat Jan 19 20:35:50 UTC 2008

Someone with the below userID of "iman" has sent four emails in rapid 
succession as replies to K12LTSP messages, all of them saying something 



or something very similar.  I checked out the Web site, and while it 
does appear to be a pro-Linux site, it's in some language I've never 
seen, definitely not English or anything even resembling it.

Mr/Ms "Iman", would you care to explain?


Iman wrote:
> see
> www.imanlinuxer.blogspot.com <http://www.imanlinuxer.blogspot.com>
> On Jan 7, 2008 9:53 PM, Shawn Powers <spowers at inlandlakes.org 
> <mailto:spowers at inlandlakes.org>> wrote:
>     After messing with my NFS server last week to get my thin clients to
>     behave happily, my /home export to the main network, which connects
>     to about 150 OSX machines was set with the "sync" option in /etc/
>     exports.
>     This seemed to make sense to me, but in practice (ie, today) the
>     performance is so terribly slow that the OSX computers are unusable.
>     After trying to weed out network issues (cheap switches do not make
>     this easy), I tried changing the export to "async" -- and the OSX
>     clients are all behaving magically delicious.
>     The problem, of course, is the threat of "doom and gloom" that goes
>     along with exporting NFS with the async option.  I'm curious the
>     ramifications that go along with doing such a thing, and I'm also
>     curious what the "Right Thing" is to do.
>     UPDATE: I just got a call that the computers are not mostly
>     complaining that file locking is working, but if they tell OSX to
>     disable locks, things work again.  My suspicion is that I'm looking
>     at quite a !fun day...
>     I realize the clients I'm referring to are not running Linux (those,
>     in fact are working quite nicely), but I'm still interested in
>     anyone's thoughts on the NFS thing...
>     Thanks,
>     -Shawn
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