[K12OSN] GUI editor file permissions

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Tue Jan 22 03:53:54 UTC 2008

jones yeates wrote:
> I am getting my class to create php files and then view them through a 
> browser.  Some of them are having problems viewing the file on my FC5 
> server.  They'll get permission denied, warning ... line 0..., or 
> forbidden error messages.  I've been manually changing their file 
> permissions to 755 and then the page works.
> I noticed that a student who had this problem:
> - when a file was created using a GUI editor (Anjuta or Bluefish) the 
> file permission was 611.  It received errors.
> - when a file was created through vi, the file permission was 661.  No 
> errors opening the file in the browser.
> The umask of all users is 0002.  I believe that is fine since they are 
> the only user in their group. 
> 1.  What's going on?  I created the users through the same script and 
> some are having file permission issues and others are not.
> 2.  Why aren't the default file permissions set to 775 if the umask is 
> 0002?
> 3.  How can I get Anjuta or any other gui editor to set the default 
> file permission to 755 or 661 or anything else?

Hmm...it does sound like a umask error for each user.  Note that each 
user can have his own umask entries.  You might have a look at a user's 
.bash_profile or .bashrc file and see if it's anything other than 0002.


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