[K12OSN] Server specs

Ronnie Miller rmiller at seminole.k12.ga.us
Tue Jan 22 12:14:50 UTC 2008

I need a little help from those better informed than I. I've got a lab of
28 terminals that is running on the Centos5 based LTSP. It's runs fairly
well, but there are speed issues with programs not loading quick enough
(mostly Firefox), which results in the kids clicking the programs multiple
times, which in turn slows the server down even more. There's also
intermittent problems with Flash, but from what I've been able to
determine from the archives, is not unusual.

The existing server is a refurbed 3 Ghz Xeon processor-based HP6000. I
upgraded it from 4 GB of RAM to 8 GB (which I found out later was
pointless), in order to help the speed issues. The speed issue is not a
problem when one or two are trying to run different programs. The issues
appear when you've got a room full of impatient first graders who are
"click happy". The teachers aren't real thrilled about the problems and
are grumbling about the K12LTSP lab. I've got another lab for 4th grade
running the exact same setup and the Flash is not an issue with them as
they don't use it much. As far as speed issues, they've been trained to
click once and wait - not to sit there continuously clicking.

After all this explanation, my question is this: what would be the specs
needed for a decent/sufficient server running Centos5 and serving less
than 30 terminals? I've got some money to spend, but not a large amount.

Am I right in assuming that it's not a memory issue as much as it is a
processor issue? In other words, won't I be a lot better off with either
multiple processors or a dual-core type processor?

Thanks for any help on this matter. You've all been a great resource when
I've needed you in the past.

Ronnie Miller
Technology Specialist
Seminole County Schools
800 S. Woolfork Ave.
Donalsonville, GA 39845
229.524.5235 Ext. 227

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