[K12OSN] WakeOnLan

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Tue Jan 22 21:06:42 UTC 2008


Here is a link to wakeonlan. Odd name huh?:) I've used this for a couple
years and works like a champ. It will even go across routers,to other
subnets on your lan if need be. There is a nice simple " howto" on this
site to explain getting started as well. Bottom line ,,IF you want to and
have all your PC's set to wake on lan/WOL in bios you can simply broadcast
and ALL pc's will wake. I found that even old boxes with primitive first
generation WOL Bios wakeonlan will wake them up. if you want specific
machines,which would be most cases you build an ethers file and it only
ignites the pc's by mac address in the ethers file. Hope this helps.
There are several for Winders available too,if you prefer Winders based
GUI wakeonlan progs. I prefer the stablity of Linux core stuff,myself.


Take care,

Barry Cisna

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