[K12OSN] terminal does not boot / kernel is not transmitted with tftp [solved]

Nadav Kavalerchik nadavkav at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 08:16:11 UTC 2008

Hello Dear Friends :-)

just to let you know about an issue we had with a new install.
so you don't have to run trough it yourself :-)

we connected the LTSP server inside a pre-configured LAN
and the "internet" nic was getting  192.168.10.XXX IP address
from the DHCP that is running inside the Internet's router.

this, cause the terminals not to boot since the "terminals" nic was
predefined with the same subnet.
(as you all know, if you're using k12ltsp fedora distro) it took us
some time to see this "minor" configuration issue.
using "ifconfig" or "route" inside the console/shell. all the standard
network administration gui tools did not show the
ip subnet mix up so we had to use the console. (i know now that
kInfoCenter could have shown us the conflict. to late...)

after changing the router's dhcpd ip subnet distribution all is well
and the server is working fine
more then fine actually, thanks to Eric the King !!! for this
beautiful distribution.

i hope if you run into this issue in the future you could fix it easily
and not burn some two hours (for example) with no idea what has gone wrong ;-)

bye bye

Nadav :-)

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