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Rob Owens rowens at ptd.net
Sat Jan 26 14:49:12 UTC 2008

As a followup to my mention of using Epiphany and gconf to lock down the homepage, check out this page on various lockdown functions in Gnome.  I found it very useful.  http://library.gnome.org/admin/deployment-guide/


On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 07:28:31AM -0600, Peter Scheie wrote:
> I made all the students' bookmarks.html and prefs.js symlinks to the 
> teacher's files, set the owner to be root and read-only for everyone else, 
> which allowed the teacher to add bookmarks, etc., for everyone.  This was a 
> year or two ago, but I don't recall there being any problems, and the 
> teachers sure liked it.
> Peter
> Doug Simpson wrote:
> >Would it be possible to create a symbolic link for that file in the skel 
> >and then every user that gets the skel will get the symbolic link pointing 
> >to a file that you can edit as needed to set things how you want them.
> > Set the actual file that the link points to to read only so they can't 
> > change it.
> >
> >Doug
> >
> >Doug Simpson
> >Technology Specialist
> >De Queen Public Schools
> >De Queen, AR
> >simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
> >
> >>>>"Mel Wade" <mel at melwade.com> 1/25/2008 10:00 AM >>>
> >I know we have batted this topic around before, but I'm really needing to
> >find an final solution.
> >
> >In my lab it is really important that we lock the Firefox home page so that
> >we can supply links to the services of our library for our students. So far
> >my understanding is that I can create a skel file that would set the
> >beginning preference for users but then they can change them after that.
> >
> >Would a cron task correct any user change?
> >
> >Is there any way we can create a lockable file that all users point to for
> >this information?
> >
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