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[K12OSN] 4GB memory limit?

I remember having to use a bigmem kernel a while back to get support for my 6GB of RAM in my 32 bit xeon server, but for some reason I though K12LTSP 6.0 had support for it with the SMP kernel. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...

That said, I installed K12LTSP v6 over Christmas break (updating from my FC1 version, whatever it was), and today has been a nightmare! Everything is so darn slow... I'm using xfce, without the session manager (it caused crashes), but everything about the systems are slow. (I installed 2 servers, identical hardware, and firefox is being very stubborn)

I'm considering installing 5.0.0EL, especially since FC6 is about to die... or maybe it's already EOL, I'm not sure.

Pay no attention to the man lamenting in the latter half of that email, but I'm curious about the bigmem issue -- anyone have any ideas?


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