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[K12OSN] Terminal Sound Problems


I bet I am - IF - I could figure out what you just asked me to do ! <smile>

* " Things like mplayer " ----  I can not find anything installed
called mplayer - did a yum install for mplayer... nothing!

* So of course, I'm not finding the "mplayerplugin" either

* " gconf " - the only 'gconf'  I can find is in /root and when I cat
the file - I see nothing.... so I'm obviously looking in the wrong
place for that too ! <sigh>

I understand where your going - and it makes sense now... I'm just not
sure where to find things (that your talking about).

So one more clue - and I think we get it !

thanks for all your help,



You are _so_ close!

That error means the individual applications are still trying to talk
to a local device (local to the server). Things like mplayer need to
told to use ESD. Edit files in /etc/mplayre/mplayer.conf and
/etc/mplayerplugin.conf and set the ao device to esd for both. (ao is
"audio output").

Somewhere in gconf is a setting to make the default audio device esd.
If that is done for a default user then copied to /etc/skel, all new
get it. Old users can get it updated with some script-fu magic
(although gconf stuff is pretty ugly in places).

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