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Re: [K12OSN] was: 4 Gig mem limit

Brandon Kovach wrote:
Pardon me for being dumb, but what is the k12ltsp EL?  More to the point,
what is different between it and k12ltsp?  Is it still fedora based?  I
think I read a post that said CentOS, but I can't find it now.  We've used
the k12 project stuff for 4 years now and have had no trouble, but this
year hasn't been the case.  I've had quite some trouble with it.  I was
looking at maybe switching to something else ... Edubuntu or maybe doing a
debian build myself.


EL is used in short for the Centos Enterprise Linux release, based strictly on Redhat's upstream. So it is a touch behind in the "bleeding edge" category compared to Fedora. As FC6 is at EOL switching to Centos LTSP may not be a bad idea, Centos 5.1 has recently been released and will be supported for a few years(I can't recall the exact dates at the moment).

There is a build of LTSP ported to Centos versions 4 and 5, they can be found here:

5.0.0-EL-32 or 64
4.2.3-EL-32 or 64


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