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[K12OSN] NFS sync slow, async scary

After messing with my NFS server last week to get my thin clients to behave happily, my /home export to the main network, which connects to about 150 OSX machines was set with the "sync" option in /etc/ exports.

This seemed to make sense to me, but in practice (ie, today) the performance is so terribly slow that the OSX computers are unusable. After trying to weed out network issues (cheap switches do not make this easy), I tried changing the export to "async" -- and the OSX clients are all behaving magically delicious.

The problem, of course, is the threat of "doom and gloom" that goes along with exporting NFS with the async option. I'm curious the ramifications that go along with doing such a thing, and I'm also curious what the "Right Thing" is to do.

UPDATE: I just got a call that the computers are not mostly complaining that file locking is working, but if they tell OSX to disable locks, things work again. My suspicion is that I'm looking at quite a !fun day...

I realize the clients I'm referring to are not running Linux (those, in fact are working quite nicely), but I'm still interested in anyone's thoughts on the NFS thing...


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