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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Reverse proxy for internal websites

David -

> I want to be able to serve several different internal websites via
> http and https but only have one redirect at the router for ports 80
> and 443 to an internal system.  I can run squid or apache2 or both on
> that internal system.  What I had in mind was setting up this internal
> system to redirect the external requests to the appropriate internal
> servers based on the hostnames. The internal network uses a 10.
> address space if that makes a difference.  Both squid and apache2 can
> be set up for reverse proxying.  Has anyone on the list implemented
> this and is there a preference for which one to use?

I had done exactly that for a programming contest I ran which needed
to access internal servers.

Here's the zipped up httpd.conf file.

Harish Pillay h pillay ieee org gpg id: 746809E3
fingerprint: F7F5 5CCD 25B9 FC25 303E 3DA2 0F80 27DB 7468 09E3

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