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Re: Where is K12LTSP EL5 isos - Re: [K12OSN] Heads up: CentOS 5.1 released

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
James P. Kinney III wrote:
32-bit DVD is here:
32-bit CD's are here:

Now given that I have Centos 5 on a server and normally only need CD 1 then do a Linux askmethod and use HTTP,,,,

Are any of these 7 isos the same as the current Centos 5.1 (looks more like 5.0 given their dates of 6/25, oh well that is why I have a local repo!). Or do I need all 7 as unique from Centos CDs (I do havea set of Centos 5 CDs in my NOC, don't recall their build date).

You could probably install CentOS 5 using your local repos, then add the
K12LTSP repos and install all the packages in the K12LTSP, LTSP group:

I've attached a tarball of my yum.repos.d directory.

I'm sure there's some way of utilizing your local CentOS repos for
updates, but I don't know enough about the structure and contents of the
K12LTSP repositories to help you with that.


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