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[K12OSN] Samba and LDAP and Home drive mapping.

Hi all,


I have an interesting situation that I admit I have cause by accident for convenience of creating user accounts.  At my school I have two Samba servers running LDAP one is PDC and the other is BDC.  The PDC houses the home folders for the high school and the junior high students and the BDC keeps the home directories for the elementary buildings.  Both servers are located in the same building and ip subnet.  On the PDC I use webmin to create user accounts for everybody in the school district.  Too allow webmin on the PDC server to create user account and home directory for all users in the district I use a nfs mount the home directories of the elementary staff and students from the BDC to the home folder of PDC server.  This allows me to create staff and student accounts centrally.  The problem with  this is since I have the BDC home folders mounted with nfs under home directory of the PDC sometimes the elementary user accounts maps the home directory on the PDC when it should be mapping to the BDC instead. When the elementary users H: drive maps through samba through the nfs mount back to the BDC I get io errors in Windows.   I use kixtart for my login script and I have building groups setup for all buildings to use as check for specific building resources.  Then I use elementary groups to run a check on where to map their home drive.  This way I hard code the bdc server name to the user home share instead of using a variable to this.  Here is the strange part most of the time this works pretty well, but for some reason occasionally a elementary user maps to the pdc server instead of the bdc which causes windows io errors on the network drive.  I believe what is happening is Windows 2000 and Windows XP are trying map their home drive their self from their user profile instead of using what I try to set from the login script.  Does anybody got any ideas?  Another thing would be helpful is I really do not care what server the elementary users access their home drive I just would like to know if it is possible to share nfs mount through samba without any io errors?


Thanks in advance




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