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Re: Where is K12LTSP EL5 isos - Re: [K12OSN] Heads up: CentOS 5.1 released

Les Mikesell wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:

I built a repo with the 5.0.1 files I was pointed to. First install attempt failed, the permissions on the Directories was 700 instead of 755. Once I fixed the permissions problems I got on with the install.

The system is calling me now to reboot after install. This should take me forward and then I will change the CentosBase.repo file to point to my local Centos 5.1 repo and do the upgrade.

If you are mirroring repos, be sure you understand how the symlinked 5 is supposed to point to the latest 5.x version available. If you use a specific 5.x you won't automatically update to the next when it becomes available.
Already got that figured out, Les. We 'see' each other on the Centos list and Karanbir set this matter straight.

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