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Re: [K12OSN] OT - Disk Imaging/Cloning

On Jan 9, 2008 12:52 AM, Les Mikesell <les futuresource com> wrote:
rmcdaniel indata us wrote:
> Not too long ago someone posted a link to a disk imaging/cloning app
> that they just developed and released under GPL.  They asked if folks on
> this list would try and send feedback.  I remember trying it and liking
> it, however, now that I have some serious time to test and deploy, I
> can't seem to find the information.  Can anyone help refresh my memory?

I'm not sure which one you mean but I've used and liked this:
http://clonezilla.sourceforge.net/clonezilla-live/ for a small number of
copies or making DVD's that will boot and install the image.  The main
project http://clonezilla.sourceforge.net/ might be better for mass
network-boot cloning.

G4L is also a decent free alternative:

The Clonezilla Gparted boot CD is another great tool:

Dan Maranville
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