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Re: [K12OSN] OT - Disk Imaging/Cloning

Les Mikesell wrote:
rmcdaniel indata us wrote:
Not too long ago someone posted a link to a disk imaging/cloning app
that they just developed and released under GPL.  They asked if folks on
this list would try and send feedback.  I remember trying it and liking
it, however, now that I have some serious time to test and deploy, I
can't seem to find the information.  Can anyone help refresh my memory?

I'm not sure which one you mean but I've used and liked this:
http://clonezilla.sourceforge.net/clonezilla-live/ for a small number of copies or making DVD's that will boot and install the image. The main project http://clonezilla.sourceforge.net/ might be better for mass network-boot cloning.

Actually, to use clonezilla to manage mass network-boot cloning, you need to install DRBL


Clonezilla can be run from the debian Live CD, or it can launched via DRBL. If you use the live CD, then you can image one workstation at a time, including Windows, and you can re-assign hostnames and ssid. If you use DRBL, then you pxe/etherboot your clients from the server to launch clonezilla.

DRBL does more. You can boot thick clients from the server, and they will use their own RAM and CPU while loading the OS from the DRBL server. You can boot your clients into freedos. You can boot your clients into memtest. You can boot your clients to a net-install of pretty much any Linux Distro out there. You can boot your clients to their hard drive. You can boot the clients to Clonezilla and image as many as you want.

If you manage a large network of computers, you may find DRBL to be the greatest tool you have ever met.


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