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[K12OSN] Some clients get Gray X Screen

Ever since I’ve changed the XSERVER to VESA in the lts.conf file I’ve been able to get most of my Dell GX100 clients to work.  Although I still have a few that get the gray screen with an X cursor.  I can’t quite figure it out as the specs appear to be the same.  I have a similar issue with our Dell Dimension v400c models in that I have at least one that boots normally and the rest get the gray screen.  I’ve tried tweaking the xorg.conf file a bit as mentioned in some of my google searches but no luck thus far.  I’ve included some specs for each model.  I’d appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks.


GX100 - Intel Celeron 500MHz, at least 64M RAM, Intel 82810-DC100 onboard video

Dimen V400c – Intel Celeron 400MHz, at least 64M RAM, ATI 3D Rage Pro onboard video



Amy Contreras

Technical Services Manager

Walkerville Public Schools

231-873-3652 Ext. 2233

acontreras walkerville k12 mi us


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