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Re: [K12OSN] remasterizable live-cds

On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 07:15 -0500, Javier Tibau wrote:
> Nice, I already found a wiki page on remasterization in ubuntu which
> didn't mention remastersys. I guess I'll go either of those two ways
> since ubuntu is a very easy to use distro.
> Thanks for the tip


Javier, I forgot to mention two apparent quirks about remastersys. If
you just run the script on a base CD install, it seems that it will be
larger than 700 meg. That is not a problem, if you are recreating a DVD
ISO. remastersys seems to not have as good of compression.

The biggest quirk I found, is that when you reboot your new ISO, it will
log you in as a user named Ubuntu. When you ran:
remastersys backup filename.iso
that re-creates the users and installed apps from your original install.
If you click on the Install icon, it will prompt you for a password,
that seems to not exist.

Solution: log out, and then log back in as your initial user that you
created (the Ubuntu 'sort of root' user). When you run Install from
there, you will be prompted for the 'sort of root' password, it will
then run.

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