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[K12OSN] Re: Some clients get Gray X Screen

On 10/01/2008, Amy Contreras <acontreras walkerville k12 mi us> wrote:
> Ever since I've changed the XSERVER to VESA in the lts.conf file I've 
> been able to get most of my Dell GX100 clients to work.  Although I 
> still have a few that get the gray screen with an X cursor.  I can't 
> quite figure it out

AFAIK If the xserver was failing you would not get  gray screen with an
X. This could be some other problem. See chapter on grayX at

Is this happening randomly? If yes then maybe you need to increase
number of sessions in the gdm.conf file. Or check if allocating lesser
memory in BIOS for video will work. And try i810 driver instead of vesa
for the GX100's...

Sudev Barar

Read http://blog.sudev.in for topics ranging from here to there.

Yes you're correct, the xserver was a separate issue and adding vesa
took care of it. I probably didn't need to mention that.  The clients
that get the grayX screen have always had this problem since initially
trying to get them to boot to the server.  It's not random. I tried what
you mentioned and neither of those suggestions worked for me. When I
replaced vesa with i810 it went back to giving me the xserver failed

Also, when trying to locate the gdm.conf file it's not there. I thought
it should be in the /etc/X11/gdm folder.  However, I found the
/etc/gdm/custom.conf file with a GDM configuration.  Should I recreate
the gdm.conf file using custom.conf? Although gdm appears to be running
because I can login as I did before, only some clients still get the
grayX screen.  Sorry if this sounds silly as I'm a bit confused why I
don't have gdm.conf. I'm still a newb:)

Thanks again,
Amy Contreras

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