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Re: [K12OSN] State of K12LTSP?

I just did a small one here in Las Vegas, NV, for a private party, using K12LTSP 5.0EL, while on "vacation" visiting my Dad. I'm emailing you from that box right now. And yes, it is a small business, not a school. BTW, yes, the CentOS 5.1 "Perfect Desktop" instructions over at www.howtoforge.com work very nicely with it.

Damn, this stuff's good....


Rob Owens wrote:
Hey Eric, good to hear from you again!

You know the thought crossed my mind that until LTSP 5 is integrated into Fedora, maybe the EL versions of K12LTSP would be enough for everybody (and cease working on Fedora/LTSP4.2 based K12LTSP).  Just a thought.  I'm sure the Fedora users will have something to say about it.  But I'm pretty happy with my K12LTSP 5.0EL

Thanks for all your hard work.


On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 10:30:17PM -0800, Eric Harrison wrote:
Here is the official state of the union:

1) The fundamental flaw with K12LTSP is that is has mostly been me
doing the grunt work. This is probably obvious, I'm stating it just to
make sure that it is.

2) Point #1 has burned me out. This is probably obvious, I'm stating
it just to make sure that it is.

3) I've been working long and hard, mostly behind the scenes, to fix
#1 and #2. Unless you are paying really close attention, that is
probably not obvious.

4) As part of #3, I personally helped to spec out the first version of
Edubuntu and have attended about half of the Ubuntu Developer Summits.
I've done my best to make friends with the fine folks at skolelinux,
debian-edu, revolution linux, and anyone who is a "competitor" to
K12LTSP. I've preached to the choir about how much we all have in
common and how important it is that we all work together. These are
not our competitors, these are our bothers-in-arms....

5) I've been swamped with personal & work stuff and it has been hard
to carve out large tracks of time to do K12LTSP work. Building and
testing new K12LTSP releases takes huge amounts of time. Hence K12LTSP
versions 5.1EL, 7 & 8 are still sitting in the "testing" directory.

6) If you are a Fedora hacker, you may have noticed the LTSP5 packages
trickling into the Fedora repositories. Hopes are that F9 will have
fully-functional LTSP5 support. From a purely optimistic
point-of-view, I hope that the FUDcon will result in fully-functional
LTSP5 packages for F8.

7) This weekend I will be at the Fedora FUDcon (see points #1-4, 6).
If you happen to make it to North Carolina this weekend, come and help
us do some hacking.


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