[K12OSN] State of K12LTSP?

David Trask dtrask at vcsvikings.org
Tue Jan 15 15:01:47 UTC 2008

Eric....YOU ROCK!

Just in case it wasn't obvious  :-)

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>On 12/27/07, monteslu at cox.net <monteslu at cox.net> wrote:
>> Eric Harrison, any chance we can get an official comment on the state
>of things?
>> I'm sure you're a busy guy, and I very much appreciate the years of
>work you've put into the project.
>> I've been using K12LTSP for a several years, but had to switch to
>edubuntu this past summer.
>> I'd switch back to fedora in a heartbeat if it had solid LTSP5 support.
>Here is the official state of the union:
>1) The fundamental flaw with K12LTSP is that is has mostly been me
>doing the grunt work. This is probably obvious, I'm stating it just to
>make sure that it is.
>2) Point #1 has burned me out. This is probably obvious, I'm stating
>it just to make sure that it is.
>3) I've been working long and hard, mostly behind the scenes, to fix
>#1 and #2. Unless you are paying really close attention, that is
>probably not obvious.
>4) As part of #3, I personally helped to spec out the first version of
>Edubuntu and have attended about half of the Ubuntu Developer Summits.
>I've done my best to make friends with the fine folks at skolelinux,
>debian-edu, revolution linux, and anyone who is a "competitor" to
>K12LTSP. I've preached to the choir about how much we all have in
>common and how important it is that we all work together. These are
>not our competitors, these are our bothers-in-arms....
>5) I've been swamped with personal & work stuff and it has been hard
>to carve out large tracks of time to do K12LTSP work. Building and
>testing new K12LTSP releases takes huge amounts of time. Hence K12LTSP
>versions 5.1EL, 7 & 8 are still sitting in the "testing" directory.
>6) If you are a Fedora hacker, you may have noticed the LTSP5 packages
>trickling into the Fedora repositories. Hopes are that F9 will have
>fully-functional LTSP5 support. From a purely optimistic
>point-of-view, I hope that the FUDcon will result in fully-functional
>LTSP5 packages for F8.
>7) This weekend I will be at the Fedora FUDcon (see points #1-4, 6).
>If you happen to make it to North Carolina this weekend, come and help
>us do some hacking.

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