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[K12OSN] I broke something-

K12LTSP version 6 - everything was working fine.
The teacher has a laptop she wanted to use at her desk - it has a
Broadcom NIC and would not load via PXE.
So I read up and found the deal with NIC=tg3 for Broadcom cards. I
read about it looking for for the file in :

So I copied the default file to the MAC address of the NIC, added the
NIC=tg3 at the end and it WORKED! The laptop logs in just fine now.
BUT...... now no other machine can!

The machines get an IP, then it drills down (like above) and ends with:
"Could not find kernel image"

Laptop logs in just fine - but no other machine can. I messed with
renaming the MAC file, of course laptop couldnt log in - and neither
can the other machine. Thought... maybe there can ONLY be one file in
the folder - so deleted the MAC file and now ONLY have the default
file in the folder - and nothing can log in.
default file:

prompt 0
label linux
 kernel vmlinuz.ltsp
 append root=/dev/ram0 rw initrd=initramfs.gz

So I am completely stumped.... it's like it cant see the default file
(that is there).

How did I goof this one up?? <smile>


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