[K12OSN] teaching kids sys admin with VM's

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 18:09:42 UTC 2008

On 1/18/08, Rob Owens <rob.owens at biochemfluidics.com> wrote:
> How about this.  You create a virtual machine for each student, and you
> own them.  Create a bridged interface on the host machine for each
> virtual machine, and let the students ssh into them.

If I was only going to allow ssh access I would probably use OpenVZ.

> I'd also like to recommend you try VirtualBox.  I've been using it on
> Debian with great success.  Its interface looks like VMware, but it was
> a quicker installation than VMware (last time I tried VMware, anyway).
> There is an open source version that is not crippled in any serious way.
>   The debian package is virtualbox-ose.

I have tried Virtualbox. I really like it (seems lighter than VMware)
but I have heard that it does not scale as well when using many
virtual machines as vmware. Plus, I'm not sure if it has the remote
console that vmware has.

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