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Re: [K12OSN] Ongoing printing problems k12ltsp V8

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 bear2bar netscape net wrote:


Help with this is greatly appreciated.

1) OS K12ltsp V8 (fresh install not an upgrade)
2) Server P-IV 2.67 GHz
   2 Gb mem
3) Printer HP Laserjet 2200 with an allocated static IP address
3) In LTS.conf printer is defined

Problem: printer randomly goes off-line, be it after printing or being idle

Action: created a sudo account for system admin, (not root) to issue a
cups up cmd - no result as the cmd is ignored unless issued by "root"
   created cron jobs for both root and admin to turn on the printer
every 1 minuter, althought the cron jobs seem to run the printer still
goes off-line.

HELP !!!!!!!!

thks in advance
	may I assume it is hp 2200N, with internal network adapter? If
this is the case, the most probable cause is the adapter itself. The
jet-directs just didn't like 2200 printers (nor 2100). All my 2200N
printers were displaying the symptoms you describe. They started working
very nicely after I've put them on external jet directs - an expensive,
but successful work-around.
	Good luck, julius

While in Vegas, I have found a much less expensive workaround.  :-)

1.)  I needed to hook up multiple printers for my Dad, all various HP models.  He now runs CentOS 5.
2.)  Problem:  he has only one parallel port.
3.)  Solution:  the TRENDnet TE100-P1P print server. 

It's this neat little $45 device that plugs right into the parallel port and speaks not just HP JetDirect-ese, but apparently also IPP and LPR (and a few other languages).  I used its "HP JetDirect" mode, which is called something like "TCP/IP printing" on this model.  Works like a champ; CUPS talks to it just like any other JetDirect device with no problems.  When I get back home, I'm converting my LaserJet 6L (yes, old, but it works great) from parallel to network printer using this thing (I bought an extra).

By contrast, JetDirect boxes from HP are in the hundreds of dollars.


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