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Re: [K12OSN] GUI editor file permissions

jones yeates wrote:

I am getting my class to create php files and then view them through a browser. Some of them are having problems viewing the file on my FC5 server. They'll get permission denied, warning ... line 0..., or forbidden error messages. I've been manually changing their file permissions to 755 and then the page works.

I noticed that a student who had this problem:
- when a file was created using a GUI editor (Anjuta or Bluefish) the file permission was 611. It received errors. - when a file was created through vi, the file permission was 661. No errors opening the file in the browser.

The umask of all users is 0002. I believe that is fine since they are the only user in their group.

1. What's going on? I created the users through the same script and some are having file permission issues and others are not.

2. Why aren't the default file permissions set to 775 if the umask is 0002?

3. How can I get Anjuta or any other gui editor to set the default file permission to 755 or 661 or anything else?

AFAIK those scripts don't need the executable bit set, so something like 644 would be more appropriate. This is also the default mode when I touch a file.

Nils Breunese.

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