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Re: [K12OSN] Users' Maildir directories

Then the real user can't write to the maildir folder when deleting an
email or moving and email to a secondary storage area.

A better process would be to "hide" the maildir as a .maildir folder.
Then a symlink of Mail->.maildir which if deleted is easily recreated
with a cron script. The .maildir will be then immune from most user
deletions. This will require a slight change in the
sendmail/postfix/qmail setup to use the new location.
On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 07:08 -0500, Rob Owens wrote:
> I wonder if it would be possible to change ownership and permissions of 
> the Maildir folder so that only the mail system user can write to it. 
> That way you could leave it in /home without worrying about it getting 
> deleted by accident.  If I have some time to experiment on this, I'll 
> post back.
> -Rob
> Michael Blinn wrote:
> > Thanks Rob - I'm already sure postfix and dovecot _can_ it, and procmail 
> > certainly can filter my spam into a Junk folder no matter the location. 
> > I'm just wondering if there are downsides before I make the switch, or 
> > alternatives. I suppose putting email in /var would work also.
> > Cheers,
> > -Michael
> > 
> > Rob Owens wrote:
> >> I briefly looked into this on a Debian system I was playing around 
> >> with.  It uses exim4 instead of postfix.  I couldn't find a setting in 
> >> exim4 to allow a different location for the Maildir folder, but I'm a 
> >> novice in that area so I might have missed it.  So first make sure 
> >> that Postfix will let you specify an alternate location, and then 
> >> consider whether the user's mail should go in their home directory at 
> >> all.  Maybe it should be put in /var/mail or some other location where 
> >> it's less likely to be deleted--that was my goal.
> >>
> >> -Rob
> > 
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