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Re: [K12OSN] Morley's Great K12LTSP labs - update

Doug Simpson wrote:

The only thing I hate about the K12LTSP project(s) is the speed in which they are obsoleted. Just about that time I get around to upgrading, the
version I am comfortable with is already in obsolescence and no longer
supported. I was just getting ready to roll out FC6 K12LTSP and now I
hear it is obsoleted already.

It really makes me not want to mess with it anymore and I am a BIG FAN
of the K12LTSP project(s).

One of my reasons for going to it in the first place was the fact that
you plug it in and it works. But, it seems with every new version, there
are new kinks that you gotta work out or wait until the ones who know
how to fix them get them fixed, but by then, it is obsoloeted already
and it is no longer available. The upgrades aren't upgrades. They are
completely new installs with completely new sets of bugs and kinks. And
I am just a small-time user. . . My server at home that my family uses
is FC3. Still rock-solid and just works. I was going to FC6 as soon as
possible, but . . . I have several servers at work, also, and one is
running FC6 but I havent' touched it in a year. . .


No need to be disheartened. Go with the EL flavor of K12LTSP!

The regular K12LTSP releases are based on Fedora Core and yes, Fedora Core has a very short life cycle. But there are also EL (Enterprise Linux) versions of K12LTSP, which are based on CentOS (which in turn is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone). The current version is K12LTSP 5EL, which is based on CentOS 5. CentOS has a supported lifetime of 7 years (compared to Fedora's ~1 year).

Get it here: http://k12ltsp.org/mediawiki/index.php/DownLoad

Nils Breunese.

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