[K12OSN] Morley's Great K12LTSP labs - update

Rob Owens rowens at ptd.net
Fri Jan 25 18:17:59 UTC 2008

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 07:15:24PM +0100, Nils Breunese wrote:
> Rob Owens wrote:
> >I've never used the Fedora versions for any amount of time.  But I  
> >am currently using K12LTSP 5.0EL (based on CentOS) and it's pretty  
> >nice.  I have limited use for sound, so I can't comment on its  
> >suitability there.  I'm using it because I want to install it and  
> >forget about it.  Support for this distro will probably outlast my  
> >hardware.
> >
> >The only complaint I really have about this distro is it uses  
> >Firefox 1.5.  I wish there was somebody out there maintaining newer  
> >packages for this distro (with the understanding that I would be  
> >taking the risk for installing a "non-standard" package).
> I don't know if there is a repository that provides Firefox 2. I've  
> never looked around for it as I wouldn't know what it would offer me  
> over Firefox 1.5. Are you missing any particular features?
It's not critical, but I like the tab management better in Firefox 2.  Also a lot of extensions are no longer available for Firefox 1.5

> >A newer package for OpenOffice would be nice, too, but not  
> >necessary.  I think it's currently using 2.0.something.
> Someone on the list recently mentioned that installing the latest rpm  
> version from the OpenOffice.org website works just fine. Version 2.3  
> is available there for both rpm and deb based distributions.
Thanks, I'll give that a test.  My main reason for wanting updated OpenOffice is so that I can run the same version as my Windows workstations run.


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