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Re: [K12OSN] keyboard issue

we have the same issue on some old machines.
open the dhcpd file
and add "acpi=off" to the option-129 and un-remark it together with option-128
restart dhcpd service and the reboot :-)

file : /etc/dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf
    # if keyboard and mouse send allllloot of clicks when we click once
    # then we should disable ACPI in the kernel/BIOS
    option option-128  e4:45:74:68:00:00;
    option option-129  "acpi=off";


On 29/01/2008, Vi Thai <vthai61 gmail com> wrote:
Hi everyone.  We are running k12ltsp with Fedora and I have had a few
thin clients that boot to the login screen but when I go to type in
the user name it will type in each letter three or four at a time.
For example, whenever I type in t it will come out tttt.  It took a
little while but I was able to login after going back and deleting the
extra letters.  When I did enter my account I noticed that the mouse
was not working normally either. When I click on a menu I would have
to hold down the mouse button in order for the menu to continue to
display.  As soon as I unclick the mouse, the menu would disappear.  I
always thought that whenever I had a keyboard issue like above, it was
because of a bad port, but I didn't know for sure.  I've put in both
USB and ps/2 keyboards and they both do the same thing.  Anyone have
similar issues?  Is this a hardware issue?  Thanks,


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