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Re: [K12OSN] Need help integrating LTSP Server into school network

WooHoo! The next generation of Linux admins is in the high schools!

The _polite_ thing would be to request a static IP address for the
out-facing side of the server. Then nicely explain that the server acts
like a NAT router between the school and the clients. And also explain
that the server will be also acting as a web cache so the bandwidth to
the Internet will be a bit less. Be careful NOT to say the word proxy as
that is a "bad word". Ask for help from the IT tech so you can hook it
up "temporarily as a test" and remind them it is for a grade. Get them
to talk to you about networking and IP addresses and how dhcp works. Be
prepared to ask questions you know the answer to so you can make the
tech feel good about "helping" you. Be prepared to discover they may not
know enough to answer many questions.

Of course I typically get about a D- in polite...

<I deleted about 90 lines of ways to find gaps in the dhcp address
scheme so you can setup a static IP address on the server. I'm assuming
you would like to graduate...>

On Tue, 2008-01-29 at 20:17 +0800, Devry Lin wrote:
> I am, a high schooler, completely new to K12LTSP and haven't learned
> much linux, and I am trying to get LTSP 6.0.0. to work in my school
> for my IT project... 
> I've gotten the LTSP to work by following the installation guide, but
> it has trouble getting on the Internet. I am not directly connecting
> to the Internet, instead I have to connect through my school's network
> that has a DHCP server and DNS Service (the rest of the school network
> runs windows machines). 
> The IT Technician told me that I would need to buy a DSL connection so
> that the LTSP server is separate from the school's local network to
> prevent collisions in the services (presumably the DHCP and DNS). 
> Is there anything that can be done about this problem without
> resorting to buying another internet connection? Also, what should I
> check before I plug the LTSP server into the network to prevent
> anything catastrophic from happening (like disabling the school
> network)?
> Is there any other detail that is needed?
> Thanks in Advance
> Devry Lin
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