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Re: [K12OSN] from adobe

I called them yesterday asking about *any* 64-bit Flash player.  I got some script-reader in India, so I asked him about a 64-bit MS Windows version.  He basically told me no, there is no 64-bit player.

Do you GNU?
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Travis Smith wrote:
Figured wouldn't hurt to start bugging adobe about the 64 bit flash player and below is their response. Doesn't look like anytime in the near future unfortunately.
Hello Travis,
Thank you for contacting Adobe Open Options.
Travis, I understand that you want to know if there is a plan for Linux
version of 64 bit Flash Player and you have difficulty in viewing the
issue that you type in the comment box on the Licensing Web site.
With regard to your inquiry, we need to inform you that Adobe® Systems
continuously develops new applications and improves existing products,
but we are unable to comment on unreleased products until a press
release is posted. When new releases become available, the details
regarding new features and purchasing information will be posted on the
Adobe Web site at the following URL:
Travis, please visit the following URL on the Adobe Web site for the
latest customer service and technical information:
If you would like to report a technical "bug" issue that occurs with an
Adobe product, please refer to the following URL for your reporting

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