[K12OSN] problem starting squid

Jim Anderson gotthin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 20:15:46 UTC 2008

I am trying to configure a squid proxy and a transparent proxy and I am
having issues.  I am using K12LTSP 5.0.  I am trying to proxy all terminal
clients that connect to the LTSP server but I am having problems starting
squid.  I get the following error:

FATAL: Could not determine fully qualified hostname.  Please set

Squid Cache (Version 2.5.STABLE14): Terminated abnormally.
CPU Usage: 0.008 seconds = 0.004 user + 0.004 sys
Maximum Resident Size: 0 KB
Page faults with physical i/o: 0

I am using K12LTSP V.5.0.  I cannot see where to set visible hostname in the
config files.

Jim Anderson
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