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Re: [K12OSN] home directory permissions

unless something has changed the default was 755 ...at least with all of the K12LTSP installs I've done... users of the same group were always able to see others' files...before tweaking a thing.



James P. Kinney III wrote:
Hmm. The default user setup is 700. So unless the students are changing
things something is wrong with the permission controls from Likewise.

chmod 700 /home/*

That will reset the permissions on all directories in /home .
If the problem recurs, make it a cron job as follows:

crontab -e

Now PgDn to the bottom of the file and hit "A" (capital letter A for
Append) and hit the enter to start a new line

now type in:

* 7,11 * * * chmod 700 /home/*

then hit <Esc> then :wq

(yes this is a vi environment - it's good to know at least the basics!)

So now, every day at 7 and 11 am all directories will be reset to perms
700. If you want to do it every 2 hours, change the 7,11 to be */2 . If
you want 3pm only, use 15 instead of 7,11 .

If you don't want an email of everytime it runs make the first line of
the crontab :


But I would look into WHY and HOW the perms were changed in the first
place. Something is amiss!
On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 06:54 -0700, Ernie Hudson wrote:
Does anyone have an easy way to change the permissions on the home
directories so that only the owner has access to it. We have some very
bright students and they have found out that they can copy work from
someone else and have more free time. I am using the 5EL and have
single sign on using likewise open from my windows server using active
directory. I know I can change them one at a time using “chmod 700
filename”. I am not adept at writing scripts and hoping someone can

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