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Re: [K12OSN] Client login problems

One other thing:  Fedora Core 5 is no longer supported by the Fedora Project.  That means no bug fixes, security updates, etc.  You're asking to get cracked.  Please upgrade to CentOS 5.  This newer version will be supported with security/bug fixes until the year 2014.

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Dhruba Adhikari wrote:
Dear all,
I have been using LTSP 5 in Fedora Core 5 K12LTSP system. Everything was fine right from the system deployment, however after some around of one month a problem in all the clients has started to appear.

Problem Description.
The clients boot up properly without any single problem, however, when an user gets to log in, he/she is authenticated and returned back to the same login screen within 2 seconds. But, 'root' is able to login via the clients.
Also, I tried to ssh via a remote terminal to the server. Any other user other than root was able to login via ssh.

It has been a week of reporting this problem and the whole internet LAB is shut down. Anyone please reply as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance
Dhruba Adhikari,

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