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Re: [K12OSN] OT - what's the easiest route to centralized authentication and home folders?

Easiest? Mac OS/X server with their built-in SAMBA/LDAP :) it's juicy easy...but if you talk'n K12LTSP style...

do you need active directory stuff or just login authentication and home dirs?

check the k12ltspwiki(I don't know address off top of head) for active directory integration... otherwise the SMB/LDAP script should do ya just fine.

Carl Keil wrote:
Hey folks,

Starting from scratch, what's the best way to centralize logins and file serving for a mixed group of linux (ubuntu) and Windows XP (home) workstations. The school is also talking about installing a Mac. I'm thinking of trying the Samba/LDAP script on Centos 5 K12LTSP. Is there a better (easier) way to go? How would you do it if you were starting from scratch and actually implementing thin clients was a ways off in your planning? Should I go 64 bit? The server I'm thinking of using is a Pentium D.
This needs to serve about 50 students - 10 staff and volunteers
17 workstations mixed Ubuntu / Windows (for now) - possibly all on at the same time.

My plan so far is to install Centos 5 K12LTSP on a repurposed workstation with a mirrored software RAID for the home directories. Install backupPC on another repurposed workstation for nightly backups of above. Use the Samba/LDAP script to export /home and provide authentication for everybody. I intend to use LDAP for the school's Joomla site, possibly Moodle, an attendance program, etc. after I get the initial server set up. Any suggestions? Is this overkill for 50 students? We have $0 budget for this.

Thank you so much,


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