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Re: [K12OSN] Proposal for Middle School Computer Lab

James P. Kinney III wrote:

Here is a sample server:  Dell PowerEdgeâ„¢ SC1430  I'm attaching a
quote for $3,500 for the server.  I assume that we can get a better
price as a public school.  For the quote, I chose a RAID5 controller
with three disks.  This speeds up disk access and protects us against
disk failure.  If one disk fails, the system still works until we
replace the disk.  If we want to stick with a single disk drive, we
can save a few hundred dollars.  I also chose the maximum memory of 8
GB for the best performance.  We could save a few hundred dollars by
starting with less memory.
Skip the Raid5. The read speed is the same as Raid1 and the write speed
is slower. Go for a raid1 root partition on a pair of 300GB SATA II
drives and plop in a second pair of 500GB SATA II for a raid 1 /home.
The only way to get better performance is to get hardware Raid which
costs more than the extra drive anyway.

Looks like he has spec'd a hardware RAID controller, which I would always recommend anyway. In this case, I think RAID 5 is indeed the way to go here. We use it all the time at my place of work with great results.

It's also possible that the school district has a server we could use
or that we could get a donated server.

Be sure to put the used machine through a rigorous burn-in test. You
credibility is one the line and the server is a central point of

I couldn't agree more here, and with the rest of what James says generally.


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