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[K12OSN] Broadcom 4401 and a few more questions...

Hi all.

I've been "listening" to the list for quite a while and I am a great Linux
enthusiast. Thanks to all of you for making ltsp a great tool!

A - Broadcom Issue:

I've been given the opportunity to create a lab with 25 PCs running LTSP for a
test drive.

PCs are DELL Dimension 2350 with PXE enabled Broadcom BCM4401 (Per Knoppix).
After LTSP install, I am able to connect to the server but fail to load the
required driver. I checked the wiki and "googled" it. It seems that the LTSP
kernel does not have a driver for it.

As I was searching, I read an email where (as I understood) the user was able
to initially connect to the server via PXE and then, with an "if" statement
in the LTSP_dhcpd.conf, below the "filename" line, was able to continue the
boot process using ETHERBOOT, which contains the required driver. Did I
understand that correctly? If so, how would I do it.
My goal is (preferred but not necessary):

01 - Diskless Clients
02 - Avoid Floppy's or any other type of removable media.

B - Question on /etc/skel and Firefox:

I've read on earlier posts to this list that we can use /etc/skel to control
and/or create a general, unchangeable user profile (?) and tweak Firefox to
limit the user web experience.
Can I get some input on that one too?




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    Sergio Chaves
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